Welcome to illubox.com
The place of professional storyboard-illustration.
Our goal is quality-on-time.

Our clients are advertising agencies all over the world. Our studios are located in Germany so please keep in mind: European standard time.

What is the the advantage of using Illubox?
- Immediate access to 4 top storyboards Illustrators.

Can I get personally in touch with each single illustrator?
- Of course. You may find all contact information on our website.

How fast could you deliver and up to which volume?
- It is very difficult to give a general answer on this. (As a ballpark figure: 10 color frames per day/illustrator).

Do you offer any hotline service in case of emergencies?
- For any kind of administrative problems please refer to: webmaster [at] illubox.com . Regarding a specific order please contact the respective Illustrator.



Clemens Toups
Lindemannstrasse 18 | 40237 Düsseldorf | Germany
Telefon: +49 211-662110
toups [at] illubox.com


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